At Engle Martin & Associates, we have made significant investments in our technological capabilities. We provide an SSL encrypted website and data backups to facilitate disaster recovery, secure management of client data, and administration of internal claims and data management systems. Our secure servers and system architecture were built to address the needs, concerns, responsibilities, and requirements of stakeholders in globally situated companies. Additionally, we provide a full range of reporting and analytical services, while assuring the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle, by employing leading business intelligence and automation platforms across the enterprise.

Engle Martin utilizes the latest in software tools to cater to customer data transfer needs with nearly any data set. Our technology not only enables us to leverage powerful migration processes, but also perform ad-hoc and scheduled data transfers using a variety of methods, providing further value and flexibility to our clients.

Quick Facts

  • SSL encrypted website allowing 24/7 access to claims reports, program details, and loss data
  • Aggregate monitoring and tracking for large commercial property accounts
  • Facility and multiple market activity management and reporting
  • Link to CMS database to manage MMSEA compliance for TPA accounts
  • Capability to create customized reports
  • Daily and catastrophe loss data tracking