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Whether the scene is a parking lot, an apartment building or a hotel, a premises negligent security claim can never be taken lightly. “Property owners or insurance carriers who face premises negligent security claims should be prepared to complete a thorough investigation when an incident occurs,” explains Bill O’Connell, National Casualty Manager at Engle Martin & Associates Inc., a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider based in Atlanta.

According to 25-year claims veteran O’Connell, the most common premises negligent security cases are filed against malls, hotels, motels, apartment/condominium complexes, schools and casinos, but there are many venues where this type of claim can arise. Engle Martin’s staff of liability adjusters, who cover 46 states, are experienced claim professionals trained to identify the key elements of a quality, thorough premises negligent investigation.

“Our expertise coupled with years of working with defense attorneys, allows us to deliver the information necessary to resolve the matter at hand, whether it be via the right settlement or defense,” said O’Connell. “And that only comes through experience and extensive professional training. When these claims get litigated, judges and juries are looking to determine what danger could ‘reasonably’ have been foreseen and, thus, avoided,” he added. “But in many cases, this is a vague standard and potential claim payers need to rely on experienced adjusters and investigators to help them mount a strong defense.”

and what we believe to be our main differentiator in the industry – is getting our adjusters on location We work diligently to uncover any and every possible detail that can be used to properly evaluate ” s process is to ensure that clients have a reliable partner and quick reporting mechanism in place.

“We have a strong recurring client base,” O’Connell said. “Times change and people come and go, but the vast majority of our client relationships are long-term because they recognize the value of our approach. That speaks volumes about our people, track record and history.”