Engle Martin Subrogation Custom Guide in Business Insurance

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Engle Martin Subrogation Custom Guide in Business Insurance

It is no revelation that when effective subrogation efforts are applied it can have a significant impact on a risk taker’s financial performance. Unfortunately, high caseloads and staffing constraints, combined with the daily demands placed on claims professionals, can result in an inadequate emphasis on recoveries…even more so during and post CAT season. Outsourcing subrogation is a worthwhile consideration and can prove to be an extremely valuable asset to a claims operation. However, selecting the right partner can be overwhelming given the number of service providers in the marketplace, many of whom may not possess the appropriate level of expertise.

Engle Martin Claims Administrative Services (EMCAS) is the claims management division of Engle Martin & Associates, Inc., a national independent adjusting firm specializing in commercial property and casualty lines. The EMCAS Subrogation and Recovery Unit has a proven track record of success in handling losses of all sizes for insurance carriers, managing general agents (MGAs), self-insured entities, and program administrators for classes of business such as transportation, retail, multi-family housing, construction, heavy equipment and manufacturing.

“A consistently effective approach to subrogation requires a proactive and creative mindset. Many opportunities can be lost if they are not addressed immediately, while others might not be readily apparent,” says Bob Gambell, Executive Vice President of EMCAS. “Claims departments are challenged with the task of satisfying a variety of interested parties while attempting to achieve prompt and accurate claims resolutions. It is not uncommon for subrogation to take a back seat during that process. Having a savvy business partner who can complement those efforts can be very impactful towards maximizing recovery potential.”

EMCAS’ experienced recovery specialists deliver unparalleled service and professionalism with a genuine commitment to its clients’ success. Vivian Conley, EMCAS Subrogation Specialist added, “Pursing subrogation and recovery on only the larger or obvious losses inevitably leads to lost opportunities. Claims of all sizes and types are considered for EMCAS subrogation clients because in the end, every dollar counts.”