Black History Month Spotlight: Nakisha Milliner

Nakisha Millner

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their role in U.S. history. As a part of our mission statement, “Our Foundation”, we strive to foster a culture that recognizes and celebrates the value of everyone’s contributions. This month, we partnered with our newest Team Member Resource Group, BRIDGE (Black Resources Inspiring Diversity, Growth & Excellence), to spotlight a few of the many influential African American team members within our organization. Join us each week in February to learn about the inspiring stories and achievements of these dynamic members of our team!

This week, we learn about Nakisha Milliner, Director, Carrier Outsource Operations

Nakisha, whose friends and family fondly refer to her as “Bell”, was extremely shy growing up. Though her bashfulness sometimes caused others to disregard her, she managed to find her voice. In doing so, she became a varsity cheer captain from the 8th through 12th grade. She also leveraged what she had learned to become a leader for Engle Martin.

Throughout her career, she has faced some emotional roadblocks. One of which is her southern accent, which causes her to be self-conscious at times. In response to these roadblocks, Nakisha focuses on the things she can control (i.e., practicing what she wants to say prior to speaking publicly), while relying on her faith to handle what is outside of her control. Through it all, Nakisha stays true to who she is and refuses to allow her circumstances to change her or her work ethics. “I am a dedicated, determined, and dependable worker. Yes, that is me!!”

Nakisha’s reticent youth serves as a reminder to be more of a risk taker, to have confidence, and to not be afraid of failure. Confidence and fearlessness are the same qualities that were embodied by Rosa Parks, who she draws inspiration from. She also looks to Engle Martin’s very own Elissa Morgan as a source of inspiration. Seeing Elissa’s strength in a male dominated industry serves as a reminder that it can be done. “Elissa is a powerhouse and really knows her stuff.”

For Nakisha, Black History Month is a time to reflect and celebrate the power and the courage that African Americans needed to push for the changes that impact us today. The faithful and fearless spirit of our predecessors is something that Nakisha wants everyone to hold dear to their heart.

This month also serves as a reminder of the importance of her culture, her faith, and her family. This is something that will always remain constant. After all,  “a family that prays together, stays together.”