You can pass along the stress of claims management to us, and we will work as a seamless extension of your team.

Claims are increasingly complex and growing in volume. Natural catastrophes, a global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and an increasingly interconnected world make good claims management both more important and more of a burden for carriers.

You may be more concerned about loss adjustment expense or seeking to change your cost model. Maybe you need to add claims expertise or require experience in handling claims in multiple jurisdictions. Outsourcing claims allows you to focus on your business needs and creating the profitable books of business you require.


Seamless Onboarding
As your partner, our Carrier Outsource Team will work directly with you to determine your goals and expectations and utilize our proven process to ensure smooth onboarding.

Variable Cost Solution
By outsourcing, carriers can take the fixed-cost model, where the carrier is tied to staffing a whole office that’s addressing claims volume as it comes in, to a variable-cost model, in which that same carrier can take some of that uncertainty out of its claims environment and share it with a Carrier Outsource partner.

Extension of Brand
Our Carrier Outsource team is equipped to adopt to the carrier’s claims environment and truly act as an extension of your claims team or act as a trusted standalone unit.

By engaging our team, you get access to a scalable team that can accommodate unpredictable fluctuations in claims volume.

Catastrophe Resources
Our Carrier Outsource Team has the capacity and resources to continue providing the same level of service as volume increases.

We use technology that allows for real-time access to the field, greatly reducing the length of the claims cycle and promoting confidence in the insured.

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Carrier Outsource Operations
Russ Ashley
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