Time is of the essence anytime you have a loss. It’s especially important when it’s transportation-related.

Every day billions of dollars of cargo and goods are transported nationwide. Motor carriers and shippers face enormous risks and financial responsibility at every step of the way. From vehicle accidents to failed refrigeration, there are countless loss events that require the skill and urgency that only comes with an experienced adjuster. Engle Martin’s Specialty Marine & Transportation (SM&T) team is filled with expert adjusters able to navigate the complexities of transportation-related losses and achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Cargo (MTC, Ocean, Air and Rail)
Engle Martin’s deep expertise often results in undamaged cargo accepted at 100% credit and salvage claims applied only to truly damaged products. Our SM&T team collects all pertinent documentation — such as bills of lading which may contain release value limitations, tariffs, and any contractual language — and reviews COGSA federal regulations and motor freight classifications to ensure the lowest possible claim costs.

Physical Damage
Engle Martin’s SM&T adjusters are trained to minimize repair costs, reducing overlap time in repairs, and preventing unnecessary parts replacement. We obtain accurate ACV figures from local buyers/dealers and compare them to the local markets to ensure accurate ACV allowance.

Our SM&T team works with reputable salvors and buyers to ensure that damaged cargo is properly managed through to the final disposition. This also allows us to move perishable goods quickly to maximize the financial return for the cargo. For physical damage, Engle Martin obtains local and/or national bids to ensure the best financial return on damaged equipment.

For more information about inland marine claims, contact:

Vice President
Specialty Marine & Transportation
Lee Maddox
O: 678.553.4424