Engle Martin has one guiding principle: Together, impacting lives and serving with a passion.​

We care about what we do, and we work hard to do it well for our customers, our team members, our business partners, and the communities where we work. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are more than just buzzwords, we have turned them into actions, we live and breathe them every day. Everyone in the Engle Martin family is entrusted to build and embrace a healthy workplace culture based on Our Foundation, the mission statement developed by our team members.

If we take great care of our people, they will take great care of our clients. “Our Foundation” is our guide.

Stephen Beene, President, Engle Martin

Our Foundation

Together, impacting lives and serving with passion

We are committed to:

  • A culture of care, compassion and respect
  • Recognizing and celebrating the value of everyone’s contribution
  • Investing in personal and professional development
  • A vibrant environment that challenges people to seize opportunities and realize their full potential
  • Connecting everyone through open and meaningful communication
  • Embracing change and continuous improvement
  • Inspiring trust through integrity and accountability
  • Delivering exceptional service to all
  • Always working as a team

As a celebration of the value of everyone’s contribution, Engle Martin has several team member resource groups available to engage team members across all departments of the Engle Martin organization. We are always looking for opportunities to create environments in which our team members can flourish. Our current team member resource groups include the following:

Black Resources Inspiring Diversity, Growth, & Excellence (BRIDGE)

Engle Martin’s BRIDGE team member resource group is comprised of a dynamic group of team members, from different departments throughout our organization that together promote an inclusive work environment. BRIDGE’s driving mission is to inspire meaningful community outreach and to facilitate career development opportunities while supporting diverse team members throughout Engle Martin.


Community, Association, Response, & Engagement Team (CARE)

Engle Martin’s CARE team is comprised of team members across the nation that help to sponsor community outreach initiatives. The name CARE came from the following motto, “We commit to Responding to the needs of our Communities and our Association (company) while at the same time Engaging with each other and those around us.”


Future Leadership Exchange (FLEX)

Comprised of a group of young professionals, FLEX works to ensure that Engle Martin is at the forefront of industry evolution. They work to provide tools and resources for our team members to be successful in their roles and prepare for roles that they may hold in the future.


Women’s Empowerment Network (WEN)

Engle Martin’s WEN team resource group focuses on empowering the professional and personal growth of our team members. WEN’s mission is to create a tight-knit community that facilitates the development, collaboration, and advancement of team members beyond traditional gender roles.

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