Unique beginnings lead to innovative and industry-leading loss adjusting and claims management services.

In 1997

Engle Martin was founded on the sentiment that we could do things better than what we saw happening in the industry. Our priority was on personal relationships and doing what’s best for clients. We strategically built a company where strong client partnerships are really the most important currency.


Really good people doing exceptional things. We are a tight-knit family of folks committed to excellence and exceeding expectations. Our days revolve around the needs of our clients — delivering outstanding services and products. It’s that simple. We hire and cultivate the best talent. We always make sure we find the right fit.

Stephen Beene
“I think as our business has evolved, it’s become much more about having a deeper purpose and realizing that what we do is bigger than just managing field claims. It’s really the role in helping communities and, when you really drill down into it, helping people recover. Our role in getting those businesses and organizations back up and running as soon as possible within the confines of the insurance carrier that we’re working for is very important and something we take seriously.”

Stephen Beene, President, Engle Martin


The industry is ever-changing, and Engle Martin will be right there — not just welcoming it but leading it. We will continue to do what we do best: Supporting our clients. Building relationships. Embracing change. Being creative. Being collaborative. Creating opportunities for our team members. It’s been in our DNA from the very beginning.