Black History Month Spotlight: Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing their role in U.S. history. As a part of our mission statement, “Our Foundation”, we strive to foster a culture that recognizes and celebrates the value of everyone’s contributions. This month, we partnered with our newest Team Member Resource Group, BRIDGE (Black Resources Inspiring Diversity, Growth & Excellence), to spotlight a few of the many influential African American team members within our organization. Join us each week in February to learn about the inspiring stories and achievements of these dynamic members of our team!

This week, we learn about Sean Smith, General Adjuster.

As a graduate of Bradley University, Sean received his Bachelors of Applied Science in Public Relations/Image Management. Many are unaware that he was also a student athlete and played basketball both in college and professionally overseas.

Sean has been an adjuster for over 20 years and is a successful member of our Middle Market Central team. However, moving up in the industry wasn’t always easy. In fact, Engle Martin was the first organization to give him an opportunity to become a General Adjuster.

Knowing that he has opportunities that previous generations did not motivates Sean to keep going. It is also what drives him to help others and serve as an agent of change.

“It is important for me to be able to reach back to younger African American adjusters, mentor them, and provide them with insight on what obstacles I faced so they don’t come across the same things.” Sean said.

For Sean, Black History Month brings awareness to the impact of black culture in America and worldwide. It’s also a time of self-reflection and education by discovering new historical events outside of the norm. He is specifically intrigued by the “Greenwood District” in Tulsa, and the connected history of promise and economic success.

One of his major life influencers is Michael Jordan. Growing up and playing sports, Sean admired his extreme work ethics and his desire to be the best he could be. “When you put in the work, you are confident in the results that come thereafter. I truly believe these characteristics carry on in life to your job, grades, and any goals you look to achieve.”