Celebrating Juneteenth – Engle Martin’s BRIDGE Resource Group and their Commitment to Community

2024 Juneteenth Celebratory Lunch ‘N Learn
Juneteenth, celebrated nationally on June 19th, marks the day Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas, to announce the freedom of all enslaved peoples, two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

This year, Engle Martin’s Black Resources Inspiring Diversity, Growth, & Excellence (BRIDGE) resource group team hosted a Lunch ‘N Learn that brought together both in-person and virtual attendees to honor Juneteenth. The event was a vibrant blend of education and fun. Attendees engaged in a thought-provoking historical presentation which highlighted the historical importance of Juneteenth. Delicious food was enjoyed by in-person attendees and the event culminated with a trivia game that encouraged friendly competition and deepened the understanding of this important cultural milestone.


BRIDGE’s Mission

Our BRIDGE resource group is a cornerstone of the company’s efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. With a mission to attract and retain diverse talent, inspire meaningful community outreach, and facilitate career development, BRIDGE plays a crucial role in supporting team members from all backgrounds. Among its many initiatives, BRIDGE has placed a strong emphasis on commemorating Juneteenth, reflecting its dedication to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone feels valued and respected.


Giving Back to the Community
BRIDGE demonstrates its commitment to community support through impactful events and initiatives. Notable efforts include national educational events, trivia, and volunteer events aiding local food banks throughout the country.

Recently, BRIDGE supported the Kids in Need Foundation by providing free school supplies nationwide and supplied learning materials to Brooklyn Landmark Elementary through the Teacher’s Closet Initiative. These actions highlight BRIDGE’s dedication to community well-being and educational support.


Voices from BRIDGE: Personal Reflections on Juneteenth
To highlight the personal and professional importance of Juneteenth, BRIDGE members were interviewed to share their unique perspectives on what the holiday means to them individually and to Engle Martin as a whole.

Ken Bloodsaw, Casualty Claims Examiner II Provides His Perspective
Q: How do you see our Juneteenth events and initiatives aligning with our company’s values and mission?

A: I see our Juneteenth events and initiatives as perfectly aligning with our company’s values and mission. Engle Martin’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is integral to our identity, and Juneteenth symbolizes a crucial aspect of this commitment. By commemorating Juneteenth, we honor the history and contributions of African Americans, deepening understanding, and appreciation within our workforce.

These events celebrate resilience and achievements while inspiring ongoing efforts for social justice and equality. They provide opportunities for education, dialogue, and community building, essential for fostering an inclusive workplace where every voice is valued. In doing so, we uphold our mission as a socially responsible organization that advocates equality and empowerment for all.


Candace Hill, Claims Technician, Synergy, Reflects on how Juneteenth Resonates with Her
Q: How does Juneteenth resonate with you personally or professionally?

A: Juneteenth resonates with me personally as a person of color. I believe it evokes a great sense of pride and gives me a day to reflect on all the significant advancements I’ve witnessed during my lifetime. We have experienced many remarkable historical events that I never thought could happen in America within my lifetime.

Professionally speaking, while it may just be a day of remembrance, I believe it has enabled many workplaces, including ours, to stay aligned with the principles we strive to uphold, such as inclusivity for all and unbiased equity. Frankly, I am pleased to see Juneteenth and other holidays recognized in the workplace. It makes me feel represented.


Derrick Freeman, Property Examiner, Synergy, Provides Insights on Juneteenth
Q: How does Juneteenth resonate with you personally or professionally?

A: As an African American, Juneteenth resonates with me for several reasons: empowerment and advocacy, cultural identity, reflection and education, and community and solidarity. I hope that events like these will expand our knowledge of the significance of Juneteenth and the importance of education.


Commitment to Our Future
BRIDGE’s Juneteenth initiatives are a testament to Engle Martin’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. By hosting educational events, engaging in community service, and fostering open dialogue, BRIDGE strives to ensure that Juneteenth is not only a day of celebration but also an opportunity for meaningful reflection and progress.


For more information on Engle Martin and its BRIDGE resource group, please visit:www.englemartin.com or email: bridge@englemartin.com