In Their Own Words – Jonathan Omorogbe’s Insights as a Property Adjuster

Engle Martin is pleased to continue its celebration of Insurance Careers Month by showcasing the diverse and dynamic stories of those who are thriving in the insurance industry. Through engaging adjuster interviews, our goal is to offer illuminating perspectives into the world of insurance adjusting.

We’re excited to introduce Jonathan Omorogbe, an accomplished Property Adjuster based out of Dallas, Texas and are thrilled to share Jonathan’s journey and experience within the insurance industry.

What motivated you to pursue a career in insurance with Engle Martin, specifically in the field of claims adjusting?

After retaining an adjuster’s license during the spring of 2022, Engle Martin extended an invitation for me to join the Adjuster Trainee Program. This comprehensive program provided me with a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the insurance industry, with a particular focus on field claims adjusting. Throughout the program, I absorbed invaluable knowledge and skills that not only motivated me but also solidified my resolve to pursue a career with Engle Martin.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in insurance, based on your experiences so far?

The advice I would offer to those considering a career in insurance is to always be open and willing to soak up knowledge from those around you. Every claim is an opportunity to learn and experience something new. At Engle Martin, I discovered a culture where knowledge-sharing is not just encouraged but ingrained within the fabric of the organization. Whether seeking guidance from seasoned colleagues or tapping into the wealth of resources provided, help is always readily available for those who seek it.

How has Engle Martin been preparing you for your role as an adjuster, and what specific training or resources have you found most valuable in your development?

Engle Martin has equipped me for my role as an adjuster not just through the comprehensive 2022 Adjuster Trainee Program, but also by equipping all adjusters, myself included, with valuable resources instrumental to our professional development. From supportive colleagues and administrators to continuous education and training opportunities, each element has contributed to my confidence and competence as an adjuster.

As I navigate through each claim, I am reminded of the invaluable lessons learned and experiences gained along the way. Every claim presents a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact. With the knowledge and support provided by Engle Martin, I am confident in my ability to navigate claims efficiently and effectively, ensuring fair and timely resolutions for all parties involved.