Loss Adjusting Services

Appraiser | Umpire

The Appraisal Practice Group is designed to address the needs of the insurance industry where an impasse exists in the resolution of a claim.

The Appraisal Practice Group is comprised of an elite tier of highly qualified Engle Martin adjusters with extensive experience as assigned Appraisers and Umpires.

The Appraisal Practice Group (APG) is an Alternative Dispute Resolution team dedicated to reaching a fair and impartial resolution in the adjudication of residential and commercial losses through the appraisal process. The selection of an appraiser or umpire with extensive capabilities and specialized claims handling expertise is essential to a successful appraisal outcome. The APG is in alignment with fair claim standards and abreast of jurisdictional guidelines to fluently address an impasse in the determination of a loss.

The first objective is to obtain a complete understanding of the insureds’ losses and damages. While most appraisals contain some contentious elements, a process of separation, documentation, and itemization assists all parties in reaching an equitable resolution. The APG has instituted a full appraisal award report which provides a comprehensive itemization of the award for full disclosure.

The pre-appraisal reinspection assignment provides insurance carriers with an option to have the loss assessed before either party invokes the appraisal clause. The APG reviews the scope of loss and repair quotes to openly provide the examiner with key guidance towards a cost-effective solution.

Key Clients:

  • Personal Line Insurance Carriers
  • Commercial Line Insurance Carriers
  • Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)
  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Specialty Risk Pools

Service Offering:

  • Pre-Appraisal Reinspection
  • Full Appraisal Assignment
  • Civil Remedy Notice (CRN)
  • Umpire Nomination
  • Mitigation Disputes