Loss Adjusting Services

Appraiser | Umpire

The Appraisal Practice Group is designed to address the needs of the insurance industry where an impasse exists in the resolution of a claim.

The Appraisal Practice Group is comprised of an elite tier of highly qualified Engle Martin adjusters with extensive experience as assigned Appraisers and Umpires.

Engle Martin & Associates’ Appraisal Practice Group (APG) is dedicated to superior communications and a fair and impartial outlook in the resolution of losses in the appraisal process. The selection of an Appraiser or Umpire with broad capabilities and expertise in specialized claims handling is essential to a fair appraisal process. The APG adheres to guidelines and a consistent practice relating to the insurance industry appraisal process and claim standards.

The APG’s objective focus is a complete understanding of the insured’s losses and damages. Experts or consultants will be utilized to establish scope and values as required. While most appraisals contain some contentious elements, a process of separation, documentation, and itemization assists all parties in reaching an appropriate and fair resolution.

The APG ensures professional handling from the appraisal demand to the finalization of the award. An appraisal extending beyond a pure quantification and valuation requires a thorough understanding of the appraisal process. The APG has instituted a post-award report into the appraisal product that outlines the award and provides a comprehensive itemization of the award.

APG has a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Appraisal provision process
  • Defining the scope of the appraisal
  • Case-by-case identification of qualified Umpires
  • Appraising damages from an array of causes with varying levels of exposures
  • Matching the loss with the appropriate skill level of the Appraiser/Umpire
  • Geographical dynamics

APG will provide:

  • A detailed statement of analysis for every appraisal outcome
  • Post-award “lessons learned” discussion