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Physical Damage

SM&T uses trained knowledgeable adjusters to minimize repair costs. In doing so, Engle Martin reduces overlap time in repairs and prevents unnecessary parts replacement. Engle Martin obtains accurate ACV figures from local buyers or dealers and compares them to the local buying markets to ensure accurate ACV allowance.

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SM&T collects all pertinent documentation and reviews COGSA federal regulations and motor freight classifications to ensure the lowest possible claim costs. Documentation includes, but is not limited to, bills of lading, which may contain release value limitations, tariffs and any contractual language. Engle Martin will exhaust all efforts to have the shipper or consignee accept undamaged cargo at 100% credit to mitigate the loss. Thus salvage is then only applied to truly damaged products.


SM&T works with reputable salvors and buyers to ensure that damaged cargo is properly managed and goes through the final disposition. This also allows us to move perishable goods quickly to maximize the return for the cargo. For physical damage, Engle Martin obtains local and, upon request, national bids to ensure the best return on damaged equipment.

“I’d like to take this time to express my gratitude to the SM&T team for the outstanding work they have provided in the recent months. We had a recent CAT event in which the team provided top notch service. In fact due to their work product we requested they clean up a prior CAT loss that was handled by another company. Job well done and we thank you for the excellent service!”

— Frank Cosgrove, Transportation Claims Group Leader, ProSight Specialty Insurance