Engle Martin provides adjusting services for a variety of parties that include insurance companies, self-insured pools, and public entities.

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Since the formation of Engle Martin & Associates, commercial property remains one of our core strengths. Engle Martin’s national property loss adjusting team specializes in managing a wide variety of commercial property claims.

While no single criterion is paramount, ultimately there is some subjective element to the decision on how to classify an adjuster. Categorizing our adjusting team gives us the ability to match the skill level necessary to best satisfy our clients’ claims, regardless of size or volume. Adjusters are categorized into five distinct groups:

  • Executive General Adjuster (EGA)
  • National General Adjuster (NGA)
  • General Adjuster (GA)
  • Senior Property Adjuster
  • Property Adjuster

"We have utilized many Engle Martin offices around the country with great results. They respond rapidly, perform thorough investigations, and report promptly."

Robert Vuoto, Assistant Vice President,
North American Specialty Insurance Company