Our National Casualty Practice (NCP) Group has the expertise and flexibility to manage a wide range of casualty claims.

Engle Martin’s National Casualty Practice (NCP) Group is an elite group of adjusters with the expertise and flexibility to manage a wide range of casualty claims, regardless of size or complexity. Recognizing that every claim is different, our casualty adjusters leverage deep experience and extensive training to thoroughly investigate, evaluate, and negotiate casualty claims to achieve a fair resolution, protecting the client’s best interest and limiting potential exposure.

Our team has the depth and breadth of knowledge to support you in key areas of losses, including commercial premises liability, negligent security, contractor liability, construction defect, environmental, homeowner liability, liquor liability, long-term care facilities, mediations, and litigations and arbitrations.

Engle Martin’s NCP Group includes practitioners with every level of experience needed to quickly, fairly, and efficiently resolve your claims:

  • Casualty Adjuster
  • Senior Casualty Adjuster
  • Casualty General Adjuster
  • Executive Casualty General Adjuster

Engle Martin provides industry leading, relationship-based support in these key areas:

Construction and Builder’s Risk –
Large-scale construction projects result in challenging claims that require a high level of expertise due to the matrix of insurance placements, multiple stakeholders, and engineering expertise combined with the financial implications of construction delays. Engle Martin is prepared to work with you on a broad set of projects, including casinos, civil infrastructure, entertainment/theme parks, habitational projects, hi-tech manufacturing, home builders, hospitals/medical treatment facilities, mining facilities, petrochemical plants, power generation facilities, schools and universities, and wind/solar farm projects.

Commercial Auto Services –
Our team understands the importance of prompt responses, conducting complex investigations, and preserving vital evidence to thoroughly evaluate and negotiate transportation claims to achieve the most equitable resolution.

Environmental Adjusting Services –
From man-made chemicals and toxic materials used to create consumer products to indoor air quality issues affecting the habitational sector, Engle Martin’s OSHA Certified Environmental Specialists are ready to successfully manage man-made and natural environmental risks.

Litigation & Mediation Services –
When a formal process of mediation is mandated, you can enlist Engle Martin’s highly qualified adjusters who have specialized expertise in representing clients during alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Our adjusters have appeared in more than 10,000 proceedings to help clients reach a fair and mutually acceptable agreements working with counsel to control time and effectively manage costs.

Long-term Care Adjusting Services –
Engle Martin recognizes the many challenges facing long-term care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and CCRCs caused by surging demand for services. Our team establishes strong relationships with all parties to navigate the claims process with urgency and sensitivity, creating true partnerships with our clients so they can focus on providing the utmost care to their patients and residents.

Worker’s Compensation Field Investigation –
Workers Compensation scams involve simple and complex schemes that often require substantial experience and training to properly identify the warning signs of fraud. Engle Martin adjusters have a track record of well-managed and cost-effective investigations, in-depth knowledge of applicable statutes and regulations, and proper resources for a successful investigation.

Engle Martin National Casualty Practice Group Value Added Services
In addition to the practice areas described above, Engle Martin also brings the same level of experience and dedication to these areas of specialization:

Premises Liability

  • Building code research
  • Claimant background/ criminal search
  • Witness canvas

Liquor Liability

  • Certification/establishment
  • Background search
  • Create timeline of events
  • Canvas scene/ neighboring bars/video

Negligent Security

  • Police records of prior crimes background search
  • Surveillance videos
  • Scene investigation/lighting/ signage/proper locks/gates

Workers Compensation

  • Comprehensive background search
  • Secure records
  • Identify potential subrogation

Homeowner Liability

  • Scene investigations
  • Insured & claimant history search
  • Identify defense tendering opportunities

Product Liability

  • Product research prior to date of sale
  • History of subject product
  • Property damage/bodily injury investigation

Professional Liability

  • Insured carrier history
  • Personal injury investigation (libel or slander)
  • Prior claim history

If you would like more information about how Engle Martin can support your needs, contact Laura Huffman, Vice President of Casualty Operations at lhuffman@englemartin.com or info@englemartin.com.